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Planning your perfect day? Look no further…

Congratulations to you if you have recently become engaged! Now comes the ‘to-do’ list and it only seems to be getting longer and if you are at all like many of the other brides we’ve met, you’ll be worrying about how you will get it all done as well as keep up the day-job!

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Timsbury Manor Open Day

On Thursday 19th June 2014, Timsbury Manor held its first Open day. Since starting weddings, the site has not held an event like this but with the success of the past few years now under our belts, we felt it was time to step into the next phase of promoting this wonderful site right here, in the heart of the Test Valley.

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Timsbury Manor’s first wedding of 2014

Saturday 14th June 2014 marked the first wedding of the season for Timsbury Manor. The marquee was dressed with beautiful white and purple lining and sited on our River View area. Seating areas were also provided along the bank of the River along with hay bales – creating a lovely atmosphere for all to experience and enjoy.

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Summer is here…at last!!

Well its been a long time coming but finally we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the sun begins to shine and the floods begin to receed!

We have some massive plans for this year, most of which will be announced as they happen as we want to keep the element of surprise.

Please return to our site on a regular basis to read the latest news.

Beautiful and Charming Estate

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